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Hey guys

I hope you all going good.

I would like to ask you that is that okie to share your pain, emotions with others.

Does it help to grow as a better person as people say that when you share something it will help you to forget about your past bad memories and stuff.

But on the other hand I experienced that when you shared something with that person with whom you think that they will understand you better and it will help you to heal yourself but it gets worst than that when that person does the same thing to you, which you already have seen or felt in your past.

How to overcome to not feel alone, to believe in yourself or to let people go and accept the things or people you donโ€™t have in your life

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


It really depends on the person who you are talking to. Some people like to make fun of others and do it their way. But not everyone is like that. Do not tell things until you are 100% sure that they will understand it and support you. In case you have no one to share to, write them out, or post here anonymously so they are out from your system.
Itโ€™s important to share stuff as it helps you to feel better and relieved. But there is no point of sharing it with those who will use them against you.
Be very strong and you are your own first best friend. So take care of yourself and learn lessons from such people who teach you to not trust easily and keep going! Hopefully you will be able to find a right one soon!


Thanks for your reply and recommendations, i will try to implement these in my daily life from now on.


Hi Harprit. Yes talking about your problems is okay. There are people who love you and will want to know how you feel. It is never good to just bottle up emotions. Talk to your family members or even a close friend. I would also recommend seeing a therapist no matter how small you think your problems are. I recently started therapy and I can tell you that it works . In order to heal from trauma. It is important to talk about it and feel the emotions and if I can do it , so can you๐Ÿคโค๏ธ


Thanks my dear friend, even i was thinking about to see therapist soon. But bit conscious about it what to say, like i never been in such situation like i am in now. Hope this time will pass by soon


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