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Hey everyone,
What is the one thing that is helping you stay positive in Pandemic?
Could be your friends, family and many more!

Post anonymously?

My friends, my faith that everything shall pass and we’ll be back to normal, my work and having a Schedule and Importanly my Positive attitude towards life.

Thanks for asking! :)

No problem and that’s great!
And for sure, there will be that normal world without masks and social distancing hahaaa soon, let’s hope for it!
But other than that, adjust yourself and do not forget to ask for help, talk to your friends and family if you ever feel lonely!


nothing. i hate staying at home with my unsupportive parents. i have no friends. whats there to stay positive ?

Maybe some activities that you can take part in online. Or be here, we are happy to talk to you here! Share your thoughts and feeling!


i have seriously no time for activities, not to sound to arrogant, but my online classes take up a significant amount of time about 9-10 hrs on some days and rest is spent in doing homework of those classes. i sleep for less than 6 hours a day and even have my meals during classes to save time. i was a photographer and a karateka(person who practices karate) but i had to sacrifice everything. my physical health is deteriating day by, i cant concentrate of classes due to lack of sleep and have a tone of backlog on my head. i cant go out, mainly for the reason that when i see people who used to be my friends hanging out and having fun without me, i get really depressed and then because of the sadness i get insomnia because of which i cant focus on my classes which leaves more homework which means less sleep… its vicious cycle and im stuck in it and all i can constantly think about what will happen if for the desired goal i am making so many sacrifices, what if i dont achieve that goal ? so much for nothing. Anyways i went far far away with the flow. Thanks for reading this, if you or anyone is ever going to.

I understand how hard it can be. But how about listening to meditation music and sleep well for one night not worrying about homework. Ask your instructor for extensions on assignments if you reALLY Have to. And I don’t know where you are, but if in western countries, then you can reduce your courseload easily and take courses next semester. Because at the end of the day, you are more important than what degree/courseload you are taking. When things come in place, take a normal courseload. Your sleep and personal health should be at the utmost thing for you!


Dang you guys in western countries are lucky to do that. The place where im from, you cant do any of these things. If i would even go and talk to my teacher about any of these things, he just says that if everybody is doing that, then why cant you. this is supposed to be some sort of a morale-booster but that level of comparison really hurts me mentally. every second i waste, i think about some random person who would be studying but there i am not studying. After a lot of research and thinking i finally came to the conclusion that i really need to get professional help(i mean a psychiatrist) thinking that atleast they would tell me where im going wrong, give me tips to manage my time and even help me with my anxiety issues. So with lots of courage i went up to my parents and decided to start slow, by starting to say that i cant focus on classes, im having insomnia etc. But boy oh boy they just shooed me away by saying that “its because ive been staying at home recently” and “its juts a phase” and “it happens to everyone”. I even asked this community for tips on telling parents about mental health(you can check it on my page). Nothing worked. So here i am, telling a random stranger from somewhere in the world about my problems. Thank you random stranger:)

No problem!
You did a very good thing by reaching out and sharing your feeling. If not your parents, do you have siblings that you can talk to and who can help you get some help from a mental health professional or even if you have any counseling from your school.
Any help that can be reached out depending on your geographical region. Feel free to drop a comment anytime.


i feel so bad for you everytime you come with all these suggestions and im like no my life just sucks. No i don’t have any siblings. My school just has 7 teachers and 1 principal so i cant even get help from there. Geographically, i could find some proffesionals but it would be no use because in my country im still a minor, so an adult needs to be there for me. Anyways i dont think i need that anymore. Im starting to get used to all this. Insomnia, Anxiety and lonliness are become my companions now. so what i dont have any friends ? So what i havent had an actual human conversation except with my parents for many months now ? i think ill get through this. Even if i don’t, who’s there to care anyway:)

There are a lot of people that care for you. The whole team of Now&me cares for you. This platform is to bring emotions out. Am sorry that nothing is working for you right now, but do not lose that shine of hope, as the light will come by. You will be amazed to look back that what you did for yourself and how you stayed strong. This time will pass by!


My daughter is keeping me going. She’s been my best friend since this covid struck. We both have eachother and an amazing loving doggie so we’re just taking it day by day x

Thats so great!
The relationship between you and your daughter is going to be so strong, which is the most appreciable feeling in the entire world.