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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Hey everyone,
Since everyone is experiencing pandemic right now all over the globe, what are some of the positive things/activities/skills or anything that you have learned with in this time frame?

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Transcendental Meditation, improving my art skills and stop smoking. For me I’ve been trying to learn to take life a day at a time, in the moment. To think and live only in the moment. These are just seeds I’ve planted in this time that I wish to bloom in the shadow of my mind, to find the light and prosper.

I would love to hear all the ambitions and goals of others here :)

This is a great time to be alive. I am a negative person, cynical and self-absorbed. I’ve always had a prepare for the worst type approach and while this is a good mindset to have, it’s only good when balanced out with also preparing for the best case scenario.

Being able to walk away knowing that the failure doesn’t define you and only means that there is more to learn. Being able to take a deep breath and start again, but this time with more experience. Every time you both fail and succeed you are learning and growing. There is never an end, only the journey.

There are many times where my reaction and thoughts are still as they’ve always been. Each time it happens and I’m aware of it happening, I’m more aware of how it happens and steps I can take to lessen its activation. It’s all a process and there’s no click everything is fine. Sorry this was a lot, it’s refreshing to have a site where you can be all open about real shit.

So in a nut shell
Re-establishing a healthier mindset
Improving my art skills
Stop smoking.

The smoking has been up and down.
I’ve been drawing every day and have actually been enjoying it!
The transcendental mediation has been amazing. Thought right now have been finding it hard to fit in when my days are a bit full of people.

Over-all my goal is to make life simple again, because its easier to make it all complicated because it is hard.

Would love to hear your goals pal! Wishing you well :D

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Thats so amazing to read how much positive changes you have been bringing to your life! Keep going…Wish you very good luck!
I am working on my personality to understand things more from every one’s perspective. And learning from home is something which is turning out great along with work life.


That’s great to hear :) You can make the adjustment. Just a day at a time. Best of luck!

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

I’ve learnt the importance of slowing down and allowing myself to take a break and just be. A break doesn’t need to necessarily involve an activity. Enjoying my time with nature and being in the present are two things I try to focus on these days.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

So nice to read 😊and its great that nature is coming closer to people these days and we are understanding the importance of it.


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