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Rahul Shanbhag @vivacious_...

Hey everyone! I’m new to this app so please bear with my message because it maybe a long one.

Just over a month ago, I left my discord server where I spent 25 months trying my level best(as a person with crippling social anxiety) to make lifelong friends.
I didn’t just make that move overnight; I love them all but it was increasingly beginning to feel like I didn’t belong there anymore(or that I never did in the first place, idk). They always tried to be nice and considerate towards me but it all seemed like a charade they put on so that they dont have to blame themselves for it.
When I left, just one person messaged me to ask me if I was okay and it truly felt like nobody cared.
However, when I approached some of them they were nice to me as usual when I told them I want to seek professional help for my social anxiety(which, again, felt superficial).
I would like to believe that once I work on myself(which is why I want to begin here), I can give them a disease of mine they deserve who they can count on for as long as I am available.
I have not been going through the best of times even otherwise since I got laid off from my first job send thst has created a financial standstill.
Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. 😊

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Consider this stage as a filteration and move on don’t feel bad

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Rahul Shanbhag @vivacious_...

I think there is a part of me that knows they care so I don’t really wish to throw them out. I’m so confused though.
PS: I realized there’s a typo. disease -> version(I don’t know why I wrote that)


Illusion and reality are different things


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