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Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I have a girlfriend that I think isn’t physically attracted to me. We agreed that I will workout and improve my physic as she likes shredded guys. I have been doing it but some days I feel like I’m good enough that I do not need to try hard. Anyways, I am one of those guys that like saying things as I feel to my significant other. I told her I was worried she may cheat on me in the future when and if we get married. Oh, did I mentioned that I proposed to her about a month ago and she said yes. I just don’t feel secure with her but I really love her. What can I do? Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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KT @ft

Oh thanks for replying guys.

I’m 31 she’s 21. I have 2 jobs and busy.

I’m skinny not fat.

KT @ft

I think you might be right but she’ll disagree.

KT @ft

😂 thanks for giving me something to laugh at. But what would you do if you were me?

KT @ft

Hmm thanks for this. This actually makes me think and look at it differently.

KT @ft

I usually don’t look at people’s age to be honest. I think age is just a number. Some people are way matured beyond their numbers

KT @ft

No, it’s okay. You may well be right. I’m just frustrated sometimes. I guess I’m gonna have to put on my big boy pants and deal do what I feel comfortable doing. If she doesn’t like that, then whatever.

KT @ft

Thank you


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