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Hey everyone,

I read a lot of post on facebook and some news articles that the current situation makes people feel lonely, bored and disconnected from the world. So i wanna share my story and how I deal with it. !!! Take the Trigger Warning serious !!!

I feel that way all the time and I’m still working and get in contact with people. Since I got out of school and started working I have the same routine, I get home eat, watch videos and if I’m in the mood I may play some games and than I go to bed. Even my weekends go down the same way only instead of working I do some work around the house or refuel my car and go shopping. I always get told I isolate myself and don’t even deny it. With every person I connected on some level I did something to destroy it. Also like working on my own so If a mistake happens I can’t blame someone else and that keeps me honest. I also hate to rely on people. I just like to keep myself in check.

It may sounds that I have a lot of problems but this way of living kept me sane. My father died 10 days before my 18th birthday and we buried him 1 day before my birthday. I not only lost a father but also my best friend and thanks to teaching myself to get over emotional problems I cloud help my mother get over it.
When I had to do my 6 month Mandatory Military Service everybody told my that I would hate and I’m not going to survive it. But it was all complete different, I always had trouble making friends in school but he military we all were in the same boat and became friends to get through this 6 months and we had a really good time doing some amazing things. I even add a year and stayed in the military. This time in the military challenged my belief system constantly because you had to do everything in a group. But it was also the only time I could rely on someone.

I also don’t get why people get depressed when there are alone, it really pushes people in the background which have serious mental problems. I also realized that depression, suicidal thoughts and so on, are rich problems. What I mean by that is thoughts like that don’t even cross my mind because I have to work and help my mother pay of the dept we have. problems like that become unimportant.

So my advice is keep yourself busy go around your house look what needs to be done and just do it. Even the smallest things just do them. When I work around the house it always clears my head.

I hope this helps you

1 reply

hello. thank you for sharing this tip with us…firstly, the first paragraph you have written really describes me I feel. It feels that it has been written especially for me.

and I understand where you’re coming from. I understand the point you’re trying to make that being busy actually helps. It takes your mind off things that are bothering us in the first place.

Whenever I feel like I have a purpose in life, be it work related or anything else- it does make me feel better. You are right. I will keep this in mind. Thank you so much.


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