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Hey all,
Just wondering if you can share your thoughts on making this time of pandemic, interesting or productive? What does everyone do to keep themselves in a safe and secure environment?

Your ideas might be very useful for your peers who are working on doing something while they have more time to focus on things right now.

Post anonymously?
@snktmore •

I’ve enrolled to various IT related courses to brush up my skills.

I’ve known basic cooking but took some interest in real cooking and turned out to be great! 😌

Finished making my portfolio website and doing some more work on making personal website better.

Doing exercise regularly; yet to plan & follow diet.

Watching frequent motivational videos and few good stuff on OTT platforms.

@youareimportant •

Thats amazing! Upgrading your knowledge is a very right choice to make while this pandemic when we can actually spend time on our personality! Thank you for sharing!