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Here’s the case, I was supposed to be doing MBBS, but am doing B.Sc Biotechnology now. But even in this, I have excelled by landing a national internship and have published a paper, on the road to a 2nd one. I am aiming for a Masters’s out of the country, which will be feasible and quite affordable. Now the issue is this lockdown, it’s driving people crazy, especially for those who are already in a depression, like my father. We own a restaurant and it’s open in the morning but he does not go, then he is home all day long doing nothing but playing on the phone. He is resting all day long on the bed, and orders us around because he can and then if we do one thing wrong he’ll literally shout at us for a small mistake, which then makes my mom angry and even me because we think shouting for such a small mistake is not done. I plan to get out of this house as soon as I can, but I am worried about my mother and brother who will have to suffer him, which I feel is not right but then once i am independant, I can individually support my brother and mother, and this is what keeps me going on. The thing is my father has no sense of responsibility, does not care about the finances and only and only cares about his mother my grandmother, which spoils her rotten and then she orders us around. It’s simple, my father who has a upper hand in the house is sick and is supported by my grandma even when he is wrong and we children are scared because he’s our father, right. And he does not even wants to listen to reason.

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I know u are going through hard times but. U need to be strong for your mother .

I feel ur dad is messed up . He is gd at saying he’s ur father but not taking responsibilities. He is in bad phase of his life just give him time , leave him alone .

I think u need to take a upper hand now . Take care of finances, restaurant , and help ur mom and brother.
Because at the end of day family is very important .
Maybe when the family is LITTLE stable like maybe ur father or bro can take reponsibility maybe then u can go to US and support them .

Lockdown has brought us so many problems . May be we just need to calm and do as much as we can and stay healthy and happy .

Send more time with ur close ones so that everything don’t seem like a problem .

Haha…and ur grandma her lifeline is over .let her enjoy say wtever she wants becoz u know wt she says wt is waste .

I only wish u only as much as u can .

Try telling ur father to understand the situation , tell him abt ur dreams , slowly .
Becoz that’s only way u can go .

Don’t let him affect ur life every much . If he scolds don’t respond silent is best . And take care of ur self


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