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I tried online dating and it made me realise a lot of things as well as it made me ask some questions.

The first thing I realised is that these app/websites are terrible in small countries and it’s even worse if you life in a small village. The website that I tried first, it was poorly made and even tho I thought on this site are people with interest similar to mine I found nearly no similarities. This was a site for gamers,geeks and everything else that falls in that category. Most girls were totally into anime and cosplay while many may think nice that’s what I was looking for, it wasn’t for me. I was really disappointed since I thought this was the site for me to find at least someone to game with but I only met either totally shy girls who didn’t even wanna talk and even had trouble to share small things you had to pull everything out of their noses or they wanted to assemble a lot of guys to worship them (I’m not kidding they bought her stuff just so she talks and plays with them).

After the website I tired some those tinder like apps I download the three most popular ones and after some testing I stuck with one. It stared of very interesting I met a 35 year old woman and we chatted for two days after that she came to the conclusion that she was on various apps for the past 5 years without luck and the men she met were either only interested in sex or in my case to young and so she quit all the dating apps and sites. This was a real confidence boost for me I had a real conversation were both parties stayed interested which was a big problem for me in the past. But my luck didn’t last I had a few more matches but the conversation were boring and in some case didn’t even get past “how are you”.

Now that I did all of this I can make a few conclusions. It doesn’t really matter how hard you try you can’t force a conversation. People can be more picky on the Internet and break of conversation really fast. As a man you have to the bar really low (probably because there are more men on this apps).My confidence also fell as the distances grew and when I stopped recognising the names of the towns I knew it was over.

I also have a few questions I just can’t answer myself. Why is everybody so overly attractive? I’m not complaining but I have no chance with these people. I’m not very tall (177 cm, 5”10) which seems to be on of the biggest problems.

But I also got a few things out of this mainly confidence, I couldn’t even write someone in the beginning but now it’s relatively easy even tho I still don’t have a good opening line so I have to work on that.

Thanks for reading and please share your experience with online dating or dating in general.

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Simran @st1199

As far as the Dating apps are concerned, both types of people visit them with different expectations. Someone wants physical pleasures and the others want to meet someone of their type and have an emotional connect. The latter part takes a lot of time (What I have seen and experienced).

When you build up your profile, you do have in the back of your mind what age criteria you are looking for and in which area you are okay with so that you don’t get disappointed in the end.

Also, you can’t really force a conversation with someone. If it happens smoothly or just goes with the flow means you both are liking each other’s company that is when you know it can have a road ahead. THE FIRST CLICK YOU GET TELLS YOU EVERYTHING. Nobody is overly attractive, its just what you are considering them maybe comparing with yourself. What the PHOTO shows isn’t everything and also a possibility that in person he/she looks slightly different. And height doesn’t really matter if you get attached to someone emotionally. Atleast it should not be a matter of concern for dating apps.


are u a boy or girl?

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Simran @st1199

I am a girl.


Ur good name?


Hey ! u know it a big step that u grew some Confidents that great honestly ur brave for what u did it hard putting urself out there I hope in the future u gain more confidents


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