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I don’t know why, but keep texting a person who just replies “yes/no” and doesn’t continue texting, and never texts me first.
I considered the person as my friend. So it makes me sad especially during such a crisis that the person didn’t even ask me back how I was doing or anything else.

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It’s is really normal.That people do it,I know how it feels but at the end I conclude that my friend is not interested in me so he/she doesn’t reply .Or the other thing can be he/she is not into that messaging application that is they are pretty lazy to text people but in your case I am sure that the person is not considering you as close so according to me you just call him/her and confront your thing!


You are right. They don’t consider me as close.
I don’t have the energy to confront because I had tried to be in touch for a long time now and that didn’t work I guess.
I should accept it as it is. Though I don’t know how.
Anyway, thanks for your words. :)


hey don’t be sad. recently, im also suspecting that my group of friends created a group chat without me in it and i have a few evidences. i start to cry at night and i cannot even fall asleep with a peaceful heart. whats more is that recently im having boy problems too and i dont know who i exactly have feelings for. so hey, you’re not alone okay?


Thanks. That was a bit comforting.

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