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Hello guys.
I am new to this app.
So my first insecurity is my body.
When I was a kid, everything was fine and I never got to face any body shaming.
But as a teen my friends with whom I was with from past 8 years started saying bad stuff about my body.
They called me flat, told me I was too small, boys won’t be attracted to me.
Put on some olive oil.
You are flat from behind as well.
You won’t be able to please boys.
when I see myself in mirror I too want to have big boobs big ass.
Everyone told me that having flat chest and flat ass won’t help you. You are not attractive.
I am insecure now.
Whenever I see someone who has bigger boobs thn mine I feel sad like why don’t I have one.
Now I am thinking about plastic surgery but at some point I don’t want to have fake boobs and ass.
I am sad.

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nag reddy @nredddy9

Hey, don’t think more on this. People will love you. Take some time and free first

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paul silvanus @paul_silvan...

Hey… Chill dear ur fine at ur our creation keep moving in ur life and built ur career if u feel low hmu. Always there.

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Don’t worry about others, be confident about yourself 😊 once you love yourself people will be attracted to you too!


Hey Just relax and just accpet yourself and your body just love it , and the right person wouldn’t wanna get into it that you flat or round or square or rectangle things in your body…


That’s vice versa in the case of me. In my boarding school, I used to be body-shamed by flat people. They used to judge a lot like slut shaming to the extent. If someone like me gets into a relationship or any boy likes, they are considering it because they want pleasure in her body. We can’t have or any physical activity because they judge so badly. Anyway i did. I remember my bro told me about his friend who got fractured in his hand and the crepe bandage made his hand thin, so i thought it would be a great idea if I did it with my boob. It was so uncomfortably suffocating but i did it for like a week. It didn’t work though. Now i think people are just jealous of you. Bullying is their way to defeat you.


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