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Hello guys.
I am new to this app.
So my first insecurity is my body.
When I was a kid, everything was fine and I never got to face any body shaming.
But as a teen my friends with whom I was with from past 8 years started saying bad stuff about my body.
They called me flat, told me I was too small, boys won’t be attracted to me.
Put on some olive oil.
You are flat from behind as well.
You won’t be able to please boys.
when I see myself in mirror I too want to have big boobs big ass.
Everyone told me that having flat chest and flat ass won’t help you. You are not attractive.
I am insecure now.
Whenever I see someone who has bigger boobs thn mine I feel sad like why don’t I have one.
Now I am thinking about plastic surgery but at some point I don’t want to have fake boobs and ass.
I am sad.

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nag reddy @nredddy9

Hey, don’t think more on this. People will love you. Take some time and free first

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paul silvanus @paul_silvan...

Hey… Chill dear ur fine at ur our creation keep moving in ur life and built ur career if u feel low hmu. Always there.

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Don’t worry about others, be confident about yourself 😊 once you love yourself people will be attracted to you too!


Hey Just relax and just accpet yourself and your body just love it , and the right person wouldn’t wanna get into it that you flat or round or square or rectangle things in your body…

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