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hello everyone,

uhhh sorry this is gonna be quite a long one hahahha.

my mother and i has stopped talking to each other.

the ac in her room broke down so she had to sleep with me and my sister. but ever since sheโ€™ve slept here, she kept complaining stuffs. about how my tableโ€™s unorganized, how i kept flippping my body when iโ€™m asleep (yes iโ€™m aware im at fault) but iโ€™m really stressed about this. for the past few weeks knowing every night i had to get scold. literally. every night.

so one day, iโ€™ve told my mom iโ€™ll sleep in the living room for a night. only for a night. because im too stressed (looking back, i think im overreacting.) and she scolded me โ€˜โ€˜crazyโ€™โ€™ and i said im not. she said im too โ€˜โ€˜spoiltโ€™โ€™โ€ฆ thats why im so ungrateful. i was very upset that time, so i immediately walked out and go to the living room.

the said night iโ€™ve been thinking about how bad i am. treating my mother like this. i really am ungrateful. so the next day, in the morning i wrote a long apology letter to my mother (if i said it in person i would break down and couldnt get my words out). i wrote how sorry i am and i wouldnt do this again. she ignored me. pushed the letter away. pretended that i was just s dust.

she didnt cook for me, which i know i deserved this thats why im not that upset. its just that she didnt cook for my siblings too! its okay that im starving, but my siblings is starving too! and its because of me. iโ€™ve tried to talk to her. but she would simply ignore me. just now she just went back to my room and took her stuff and sleep in another room with ac. im rlly sad now. its only day 1. the stuffs iโ€™ve done. i regretted it. but i didnโ€™t want my siblings to suffer with me. its all my fsult theyโ€™re starving. i miss everything the way it was. i wish time would go back to yesterday, and restart everything.

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sometimes these fights too happen with our parents and it is normalโ€ฆplease donโ€™t put all the blame on yourself. just try to explain your mother calmly that why you donโ€™t like to listen her scold you every night and why it makes you feel bad. maybe she doesnโ€™t know that it bothers you so muchโ€ฆ


yeah i guessโ€ฆthanks for taking your time to write :)) appreciate it!

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dont take all the blame, youโ€™ll only feel worse about yourself. You could try to cook or something. Unless you arenโ€™t old enough or youโ€™re scared of sizzling oil on your skin. Its a pandemic rn, its always an option to try something new.


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