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Simran @st1199

Hello Everyone!πŸ’™
I have gone through many many messages till date. I have seen that we put TAGS more often because we are feeling in a certain way and not because we actually know the MEANING to that tag.

ANXIETY - A mental health disorder characterised by worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to harm daily activities. They are very common and are treatable.
Some anxiety’s are normal which happen in a particular situation and get over.

DEPRESSION - They are those conditions which includes lowering or increasing of mood swings and are of various types. They are again common and treatable.

I urge you all that whenever you come here and put up tags of β€œAnxiety” and β€œDepression”, please please check their true meaning and if you are actually going through it then put this up else use something less impactful. It will make you only feel good and when people reach out to you they know how exactly to help you keeping those tags in mind.
For more information head over to the PDF’s provided here and/or Google.😊

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Thank you so much for enlightening all of us with these terms so beautifully yet informatively!!

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Simran @st1199


Thank you for giving it a read. 🌼

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Raunak @radraun


yupp this everybody needs to go through


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