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Hello Everyone. !!

I am writing this post because I am very sad and where I can find the actual meaning of life by giving time and helping people who are in need.

You live a life where you are not given respect, freedom to speak, then I think that life can be changed if we want.

I always wanted to be independent , worked in Corporates , learnt a lot of management lessons from my seniors and from my experiences. Always dreamt of pursuing my management studies from Abroad and guess what …!! something great happened to me last month which was my dream . I got an acceptance letter from one of the best colleges from Canada but then from the past 3 months I keep thinking that this is what I always wanted.

At some point you realize that you are blessed with good people but then when those good people take you for granted , you feel alone that nobody is there with you. Not even your blood relations. You just need a spark to move on in your life. You give love , respect to everyone and in return what do you expect just a respect !! If respect is not there in the relationship then moving on is the best solution.

I would just humbly request you to give me an opportunity where I can live and spend time with needy people.

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Why are you sad though?


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