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Have you ever felt like you are not able to remove the toxicity out your system which had been spread earlier due to a certain person in your life, and even though that person is not in your life you can remove those toxic thoughts??

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Of course you can. 🙌
Hi there 🖐.Have you heard that there are some things that can detoxify human body. Mainly clean water. even the water can detoxify our body from toxins and dirt… then why emotions can’t?.
In our everyday life many emotions are coming and going through our mind. Bcuz we are not machines yes we are being human. some emotions make us feel better and some do not. that’s totally okay that’s how it does. there is light and dark. there is day 🌞and night🌒
After a separation its really hard to get rid of the feeling we felt for that person💔. we might have committed most of hours days to that person therefore you may remind him/her everyday .That’s called Memories. Memories can’t do anything but taking us back to past. But if you call it TOXICITY OR TOXIC ,no doubt it is killing your peace, your today and your tomorrow.
Just detoxify yourself by loving yourself. you should think like" I love myself… I worth a good life… so I won’t let any toxic thing to break my selflove… I should defense myself… I care of me".
simply take care of you. treat yourself . make a better you. peaceful you. better than past. better than that toxic person. make yourself the best version of you💖. Selflove matters😌😊


Start from meals.
some people losing appetite. so eat something you like. take a good shower. watch some comedy films or cartoons you loved to watched in your childhood. Do meditation , this helps a lot to free your mind by just breathing in and out. Pray to God , God will lead you to the best path. set new goals , this will give you a hope new journey. help others, their faces will make your heart happy.


There you go😃 Good luck for your journey of selflove🎊🎉. Stay safe stay happy stay blessed.


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