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Guyss…So,I am a student who will enter +1(Science)within 10-15 days. Back in lower grades I was much similar to a shy student who was not interested to take part in any events.becuz of this reasons I have decided now that for my upcoming +1 grade I will take part each and every events or step out of my comfortzone.Also by watching so many movies,I had one more thought.Should I explore my love life at high school?Will I later regret not enjoying my school life fully not finding a love?will it affect my studies?What do you guys think?

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Priyanshu @priyanshu6341

Naah ,
Just don’t let mix these things with study .
Do whatever you want but your first priority should be your career your study.


Don’t hold up so tight. Give yourself space.
I can tell you and explain you everything about it but the best advice I have for you is if you don’t have anyone whom you genuinely wanna be with and the next person even is a nice person then you can leave it to the situations BUT if nothing like this then I would say that stay away from such things at (such an important peak years of study ) an young age like this because this will prevent you from making any unnecessary mistakes, and this will also prevent you both from unnecessary hardships, IT’S better to first make a career, earn good, gain maturity, learn from others mistakes and then try these when you don’t have other important things like career at stake.
You’ll find yourself making a better choice than your younger self.


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