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What is Online Marriage Counseling?

Online marriage counseling is a mode of therapy that is conducted virtually between two people who are married and wish to discuss their relationship or married life with a marriage counselor. The reason for seeking marriage counseling online can vary from couple to couple, but it is mostly to discuss personal issues, intimacy issues, communication enhancement, or interpersonal conflicts with the therapist. The goal of marriage counseling is to help you understand your relationship with your spouse on a deeper and more personal level.

How Does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

The process of online marriage counseling is done in five stages. They are as follows:

  1. Stage one: Relationship building

    In the first few sessions, the therapist builds a relationship with the client where they get to know the couple, build rapport, and lay the foundation of trust, safety, and confidence. The marriage counselor builds a therapeutic alliance with the client and tries to draw inferences from their verbal and nonverbal cues. The counselor focuses on providing unconditional positive regard and an atmosphere of empathy.

    Once a foundation is established, it is easier for the couple to share their problems with trust and openness, and the counselor can assess the concerns at hand.

  2. Stage two: Problem assessment

    Building a therapeutic relationship is an ongoing process in therapy. However, what is working in the background is an assessment of the issue, because of which the couple has consulted the counselor. The marriage counselor carefully jots down everything that seems relevant and observes their situation carefully.

    They take note of the couple’s triggers, their issues, situational and environmental patterns, and emotional and inner conflicts, which can be an indication of something more important.

  3. Stage three: Goal setting

    In this stage, the marriage counselor and the couple discuss the realistic goals that they wish to achieve. This step is absolutely necessary so that both the counselor and the client are on the same page regarding what needs direct attention. Goals once set are flexible, so as new concerns come up in the sessions, the couple and the counselor mutually decide what they need to work-upon.

    This also gives the counselor a clear direction on what therapeutic techniques they should apply for a positive result.

  4. Stage four: Counseling intervention

    In this stage, the marriage counselor sees which counseling intervention would work best according to the issues faced by the couple and builds out a plan for them, which may include activities, certain tasks, or homework that will help the client gain certain insights and strengthen their relationship.

    The technique may vary depending on the situation; however, it can range from CBT, DBT, family therapy, or behavioral therapy.

  5. Stage five: Evaluation or Termination

    The end of a counseling session may not seem relevant, but it is the most crucial step as it means ending the therapeutic relationship, which takes up a lot of emotions and feelings. It is done only after a mutual consensus, and a couple can revisit the counselor for consultation even after the on-going therapy sessions are terminated.

    Drawing counseling to a close must be planned well in advance to ensure a positive conclusion is reached while avoiding anger, sadness, or anxiety. (Fragkiadaki & Strauss, 2012).

    This is done when the marriage counselor sees a significant amount of improvement in the client and can see them flourishing as a couple.

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Why Should You Consider Online Marriage Counseling?

You should consider online marriage counseling when you are not comfortable with an offline setting or feel this is a more feasible option for you.

Here are other reasons for considering online marriage counseling:

  1. Comfortable

    Online marriage counseling is a safe and comfortable option, as you can have your therapy session from the comfort of your home, avoiding the feeling of awkwardness. You can use our platform Now&Me whenever you want to and talk to a marriage counselor via chat, phone call, or video call, all at your convenience.

  2. Affordable

    Online marriage counseling is extremely affordable, as it saves you travel costs and time, allowing you to have your issues solved and vent while sitting at home. Now&Me offers this offer and saves you time and travel costs instantly.

  3. Effective

    Online marriage counseling is just as effective as traditional marriage counseling. In today’s technology, applications and websites are built in such a way that they provide you with the best marriage counselor while also safeguarding your privacy and delivering you with the best possible option out there. With this ideology, Now&Me wishes to help people by offering them certified marriage counselors.

  4. Convenient

    Online marriage counseling is a convenient option, as with the help of the Now&Me app, you can chat with our various marriage counselors anytime, anywhere. We have kept a plethora of marriage counselors for your suitability and availability. Talk to them whenever you wish to and feel better instantly.

  5. You both are in a long-distance relationship

    Online marriage counseling is a good option for couples who are in a long-distance relationship and wish to sort out their issues even if they live far away from each other. Online marriage counseling is similar to traditional counseling and works well for people who cannot meet that often. So if you are in a long-distance relationship, Now&Me can provide you with the best possible counseling services with no glitches or technicalities.

  6. You both are busy and usually travelling

    Couples who are usually traveling for their jobs, are usually busy, and do not stay in one place for more than a few months can benefit from online marriage counseling. It can be difficult to change marriage counselors when you change locations, as it takes time to form a trusting relationship. If you are one of those couples, try the Now&Me app and get easy access to trusted marriage counseling at budget-friendly rates.

Online marriage counseling is no different from traditional marriage counseling. With the world moving towards technology, we are trying to make the mental health space as seamless and efficient as possible. Often, people complain that old is gold. However, with modern tools, we wish to provide our users with convenient and affordable solutions.

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Common Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

There are many reasons to seek marriage counseling online, but some of the most common are as follows:

  1. Communication issues

    You and your spouse might not be communicating well with each other. You must have heard of the saying - communication is the key to healthy relationships, but a lot of times, you don’t even realize it and unconsciously start building walls of defensiveness around you, which can hinder your marriage with your spouse. Many couples experience difficulties effectively communicating with each other. They may struggle to express their feelings, listen attentively, or resolve conflicts constructively. This may lead to unhealthy fights, and to resolve this issue, you can consult a marriage counselor from Now&Me. Marriage counselors can help improve communication skills and teach couples how to express themselves more effectively.

  2. Lack of intimacy

    Married couples frequently start building unconscious boundaries due to excessive expectations, work stress, family stress, or even financial issues. And amidst this, they forget to cherish themselves and their relationship. They might want that intimacy and emotional support, but feeling all alone from the inside can drive you apart from your own spouse. A decline in physical intimacy or sexual satisfaction can also cause significant distress in a relationship. This can be a major sign to take marriage counseling online from Now&Me. Marriage counselors can help couples address issues related to intimacy, enhance their emotional and physical connection, and explore ways to revitalize their sexual relationship.

  3. Constant fights

    You and your spouse might be playing the blame game, which can often escalate into a major fight. Yes, it is good to fight at times, but constant fighting is a sign of looking at things from a different perspective. There might be inner issues as to why you and your spouse are always fighting. This can be resolved with the help of an expert from Now&Me. Marriage counselors can provide a safe and neutral environment where couples can explore the underlying issues behind their conflicts and learn healthier ways to resolve them.

  4. Finances

    Money is a very common topic about which couples often end up fighting or having disagreements. It might be a possibility that one of the partners thinks of saving money while the other is into living life. These disagreements can lead to major fights and heated arguments. You can contact a marriage counselor through Now&Me and get virtual marriage counseling.

  5. Children

    Every parent loves their children, but there are times when they feel that burning sense of responsibility and stress over their heads because of their children and being the breadwinner of their family. Married couples often miss their independence and the days when they could enjoy just each other’s company. This stress and responsibility can create a gap between the couple as they forget to enjoy their lives because of the pressure and keep getting deeper into this dark void. You can consult a marriage counselor from Now&Me and get virtual marriage counseling.

  6. Losing spark over time

    Most married couples, amidst the daily routine, end up losing that spark with each other. They get so worked up because of their jobs, responsibilities, bills, kids, or fees that they forget to cherish each other. You can contact a marriage counselor through Now&Me and get your spark back with virtual marriage counseling. Marriage counselors can assist couples in reconnecting emotionally, rebuilding closeness, and fostering a deeper understanding of each other's needs.

  7. Trust issues

    You might be having a hard time trusting your spouse, probably because they have had an affair in the past or have betrayed your trust. Even if you say you have forgiven them, there are probably pent-up emotions that need to come out. So if you feel this, go to a marriage counselor and feel light instantly.

These are some of the common reasons for considering marriage counseling online. We understand that it is difficult to trust someone instantly and tell them about your intimate relationship; however, at Now&Me, we have a panel of verified experts who are always available to provide you with instant support and guidance while keeping your trust and confidence safe.

Why Should You Consider Marriage Counseling?

How Marriage Counseling Helps

Marriage counseling online has different benefits for different issues. However, it mostly helps in the following ways:

  • -

    It helps you understand the effect of healthy communication and how it actually helps strengthen the bond of a relationship.

  • -

    It helps you realize the importance of spending quality time with your spouse, even if it gets boring or monotonous over time. It is all about putting effort into someone consistently to show your love and affection towards them.

  • -

    It helps couples demonstrate a commitment to working on their marriage and finding solutions to their problems.

  • -

    It makes you realize the importance of fights to a certain extent; after a point, there is a need to look within and solve things maturely.

  • -

    It makes you explore your own behaviours, beliefs, and emotional patterns and enables you to pursue personal growth and make positive changes within yourself and your relationship.

  • -

    It changes your perspective about relationships, partners, and how to keep that spark alive.

  • -

    Marriage counseling is realising that it is based on a simple theory - marriage is all about consistency.

The advantages of Marriage therapy online do not end here. It also depends on the individual and how they end up taking the most from their therapy session. It is true that the number of Marriage therapists in India is very low, and as a result, members of this community are hesitant to even try therapy.

To curb this issue, we at Now&Me are trying to bridge that gap and provide our users with the best possible experience. Contact us, and we will provide you with the best Marriage therapist for you to look after yourself with proper care and love.

How can Now&Me help?

Our platform, Now&Me, is a safe place that makes you feel light by writing out whatever is weighing you down. It can help you engage with others and make you look at things from a different perspective, including yourself and your marriage. Become a part of the larger community and understand your marriage by seeking guidance through online counseling.

When you do not know how to look after your marriage, sign up on Now&Me and seek the best online marriage counseling for it. Be a part of a non-judgmental, inclusive, and friendly community . A platform made for you to readily ask for help and let our therapists help you understand the root cause of your issues and make you aware of how to effectively tackle them.

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