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Going through a divorce. Feel extremely lonely. Sad about the fact that I have ruined my life by loving a person who didn’t care enough. Just in 1 year of marriage I’m here.

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Hey, just want to tell you that this will pass. Trust me. You can be sad, there is nothing wrong with that. Take all the time you need to heal, never deny it. This is part of the process. But remember, this all will pass. Once you get past this, you’ll come back stronger . You can do this. Just hang on, these all shall pass.




My heart goes out to you
May the god be merciful n bless you with immense strength
Dear person some relations are not meant to be
Remember never blame urself or ur spouse for it
Because this blaming n all will ruin ur peace
For urself
Just forgive n forget
U deserve love,affection n warmth in ur life
May u get it very very soon
Pls just donot think more about all this…it is a hard time
A challenging time
But this too shall pass…

You just try to take extremely good care of ur mental ,emotional n physical health…
Sleep well
Eat well
God bless you…


Thank you kusum


Hi, I’m sorry life has been testing you so much rn. But time will pass, You’ll heal properly and it will get better. There will come your person. Love will return, and You’ll feel better soon.


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