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From past some days but a constant feeling of being dampened somewhere coming to mind… I mean like when someone else sees my life it seems perfect like from others point of view i have so many things… I have achieved so many things but a constant feeling that whatever it is i am not happy… It feels like everyone is happy without me, it feels like I am alone here, i want someone to talk to me to know what I am feeling…How I am, what I am going through

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I can understand you… I also felt the same, I did one thing to check I’d my gutt feeling is right or not… so you just have to cut off from everyone for sometime… if there’s really someone who cares for you they’ll definitely come n ask you and in the worst case if no came then you did the right time… then you just have to find new people in your life who really cares for you
Hope it helps for you as well

MIKEDIAN @mikedian

Chill. It’s best feel in life LONELY NES

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Hey, everyone goes through this.
Everyone is fighting battles of their even if they don’t show.
You need to find people who like the things you do.
Don’t sit and wait for people to come. Go out join clubs, classes that you like. You’ll meet new people and you won’t feel alone. I know it’s a dark place to be in but you have to fight to get out. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself but you need to do it for you.


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