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Few days back, I posted about PTSD, right now I’m having a bunch of panic attacks … after almost 5 - 10 min. i really need help. What can I do … ??


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I think you should first drink some water. Try to take deep breaths. Meditate. Listen to soft music. And if you want you can even talk about what going it. As you are comfortable. Just know that we are here for you. Okaay?!


yeah Thank you I am fine now 😊


Have some water and try to relax…chant deep ‘om’ 15 times and meditate for some time,play some music if you want…and eat some chocolate or something sweet. You will feel better😘


Have some water, lie down or sit on something comfortable, take deep breaths, drink some more water, everything is fine , just breath, just breath, everything is fine. Relax, talk it out, we are here to listen you, just spill it out whatever bothering you, drink water, relax, put on some music you like, everything is fine, you are safe , nothing will happen to you, just relax, you are very strong na, just keep breathing, this all will end, your all tension, stress will end, keep drinking water, eat chocolates or whatever you like, everything will get better…


Thank you soo much … Yesturday … I don’t know the traumas were unbearable …


They are, but we too are very strong, we will not loose ourselves, we will fight, we will seek help, but we will never give up… Wishing you all strength mate ❤