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Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of setting specific goals? πŸ“ You’re not alone. Not everyone is inclined towards outcome-based goals, which can be discouraging due to the high expectations and potential for failure. However, did you know there are methods and ideologies that help us focus more on the process? 🧠
Let’s delve into one of them in detail:
The Agile approach:
The agile approach emphasizes adaptability and continuous improvement. Instead of rigidly sticking to a predefined plan, agile encourages flexibility and responsiveness to changes. For example, suppose your goal is to improve your public speaking skills. Instead of setting a specific target, such as delivering a flawless speech in front of a large audience, you can adopt an agile approach by regularly practicing small speaking engagements, seeking feedback, and refining your skills based on the responses you receive. This iterative process allows for gradual improvement and increased confidence over time.

In addition to the agile approach, there are two other methods that focus on a similar ideology: the Kaizen approach and habit formation. Kaizen emphasizes continuous improvement through small, incremental changes, while habit formation focuses on building positive behaviors through consistent practice.

Got questions or want to learn more about these methods? Ask away in the comments! πŸŒ±πŸ’‘

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