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Feeling lost and alone.
Even after having people I don’t have them.
No one to talk to too
No one to share my thoughts which are killing me from inside.

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Just share your thoughts here. Maybe there will be someone who will hear for you. I also can if I can :)

Also idk if this way would be okay for you. But sometimes if you really have no one to talk to, try write your thoughts onto note/diary. Let out all your thoughts and emotions. I did this at times. No one will listen to me from that note/diary but I feel like I have let out what I have bottling inside. A bit relief but yeah probably having a person listen would be good tho…


i know all the those things and tips.
its just that i’m mentally too exhuasted to do anything.
to even get up to workout, to study, or to work, or to even bath i’m just fed up and wish to sleep forever idk whats going on idk how to get up and get going


ah yeah you did knew it though. I didn’t think that’s how you feel.
I can’t say I feel you or understand you but I get what you mean. Idk how to comfort or advice or help tho but if you feel need to let out your thoughts, just say it. Ask help from someone if you need. I hope you feel better soon.


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