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Feeling like a loser. I have no talent, skill, motivation to do anything. I have no friends, never had many. Everyone in college is networking, participating and working for committees and I’m just laying in my bed all day. I can’t get into any of the clubs in my college. I constantly compare myself with everyone. Your thoughts?


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You know what. When i was in college i didn’t participate in any activities. Did no networking and never ever worked in any committees.
But i am all well, doing my job. I enjoyed my college life with my friends. Coz that’s all matter if you enjoyed your college life or not. If you like to join then only join otherwise they are of no use trust me.
And you are unique why comparing yourself with anyone. Just don’t be aimless. Work towards your aim, do what you want to do, not what people want you to do. Explore it, work on it.


It happens in college bro
It’s okay to be alone sometimes
If you have no interest in clg festivals or anything any committee it’s okay
Trust me it’s natural
It happens wd me all the time but it’s okay
What do you do bro…?


Thanks! I’m in finance but that doesn’t interest me. I like working out but can’t do that all day.


It’s okay na
You can work on marketing skills on your free time
Look now the world is full of tech you can learn anything just from a single touch
Find out what are your interests
Then work on it
Yk life is very much boring for ppl like us but it can be mysterious and joyful if you want