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Exhausted 😞
I feel like I want ran away and leave everything behind… n start over again… I am tired of my life I wanna be myself I am done pleasing everyone I wanna live the way I want.

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Anonymous @nik0509

💓u have a thoughts like me


A long warm shower may help you out a bit :)


Then what’s stopping you ? Stop doubting and start living my friend :)
Life is beautiful and it’ll be amazing once you’ll start being yourself
Let people think what they want to thats none of your business. Have a good day :)


Hey, ik it’s hard, it’s hard to live up to everyone’s expectations, trying to please everyone and do everything thinking what would be the impact of these things on the other person. But the truth is you can’t run away from it right? Just face the problem, talk to the people you want to, do what you want to do, take a social detox and just cutt off from the toxic people around you for sometime, it might be hard but it’s not impossible and you’re strong enough to do that. Remember you are not liable to anyone and you have the full rights to do whatever you want and live the way you want to. Just stop thinking about everyone for a while and think about yourself, do things that make you feel like you again. More power to you. I know you will overcome this.♥️


Hey. I feel the same way. It’s fine. It’s just a phase of life. Listen to some good music everyday. Take care of yourself. Find something your are interested in and start spending time with it. Watch some standup comedy. Just live every moment of life. Chuck it what other feel or do. It’s your life. LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT😉

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