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Everything is so disappointing for me now. Literally everything. It’s strange how I manage to smile all day and laugh with people around me. How I gather courage to work, and looks like I am the happiest one. In reality, everything is miserable. I am not happy. I don’t do anything to make myself happy. Don’t have the energy to talk to people about what I actually feel. It seems everything is shattered which can never be healed. I have no clue about my future. I feel nobody is going to be with me as I have become very weird because of my past experiences. I cry at nights. It takes courage for me to wake up in the morning with no hope. I am afraid of being depressed.

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

I deeply empathise with the challenges you’re facing. It’s genuinely disheartening to hear that you’re navigating such a difficult time. Managing a cheerful exterior while wrestling with inner struggles is undoubtedly taxing. Please know that your emotions are significant, and it’s entirely acceptable not to feel okay.

Whenever you feel comfortable, I’m here to offer support or simply lend an empathetic ear. You’re not alone in this, and reaching out demonstrates strength. Take care, and remember your well-being is important.


U woke up the next morning, and u wake up everyday, that’s what defines how strong you are and capable of doing things which u can’t even imagine, keep going dear. U surely have a bright future, don’t worry, God is with us. Trust him and keep working hard everyday. Ik things are tough but u have to keep moving and not give up. All the best dear.


Thank u🙂

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Same here


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