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Everyone always says there’s hope. But it’s not true, not when there is literally noone who cares about you. If I died noone would care anout me and tbh there would probably be noone at my funeral. I started zoloft but its not helping…I feel worse. But even so I just think reality is I’m just a failure and a pill won’t help with that. I have to resort to here because there is noone who cares about me. I keep trying to find a way out but I keep hitting roadblocks and ptsd is not getting better. I keep trying to find the will to do more than just lay around…when I do I just get frusrtated all over again and think about how even my family doesn’t contact me. I may as well be dead… They wouldn’t notice.

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I can feel you friend. I’m struggling with the suicidal thoughts too.
I try to buy some time for myself. As in I keep buying 1-2 days. I just say myself “Please wait till tomorrow”, “Please try to talk to XYZ”. Somehow managed to pass around 60 days. More than 60days.
Try buying some time daily. Try expressing your feelings to someone. I can relate to each word you have said above. Every day I imagine myself getting hanged. Its tough to be a weakling.


I feel sorry you had to go through this… But you know what, it’s just temporary… Why are you worrying about the things you have no control over?? Let them be as they are, because you cannot change them right??
You are a fighter. You are STRONG that you can do things you never imagined. Most of us here have gone through a lot… Believe me it’s tough, BUT once you get through this situation you’ll be tougher than before. You know we live in a society full of fake people and their fake lives. But your parents are not. Parents love their children unconditionally, even if they turned out to be a brat. So give them some time. Time heals everything.
It’s okay not to be loved by anyone. People care about you when you have something that they don’t. Remember it’s your life, don’t worry about the people, live your life to the fullest. You have your whole life in your hands, don’t give it into the hands of people who don’t really care. You do have so many years to earn more people who care about you. So, CHILL do what you really like to do the most… Never give up… Make sure you make your journey Euphoric. Best wishes…


i would care. You’re not a failure. You are worthy. People care about you, I care about you. I know about ptsd and it really is the worst, but you gotta just keep going. Try talking it out with friends, even here with me. Talk to a doctor or therapist even just over the phone. Talk to your family and tell them how you feel. I promise you they’ll care


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