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Dont know how to put this into words. Im from southern part of india im mentioning this bcz i face a lot of criticizm just because of my native place. I have been living in north and i find it is a good place too. But some people made me feel worse like im bit darker in skintone and introvert kinda. People started to make fun of my skintone referring to native place and made me feel so low. I dont really understand why some of us are so concerned about this materialistic things and fake beauty standards. And i dont mean all the people out there made me feel worse. Only some and also they made fun of my food choice like i was brought up by feeding my south cuisine and i would love that. Suddenly i just cant switch to somethingelse right and i dont get whats wrong in liking my native cuisine. We are different i agree and i think one should respect the difference right. But all i get is made fun of,criticism and shit ugh. Im tired.Anyways its getting long note here. I just wanna share my thing. No hatered plz. Only postive words expected


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Hey every skin tone is beautiful you must not listen to any of that shit . These beauty standards are just bull shit and never switch your food choices or any of those things for a hone okay? I don’t get this where people like this come from but I assume you are young and these things can hurt you a lot in building up your personality so feel free to talk with me I love your culture and I respect it :)


Tq for ur words nd i yes i ignore as much as possible but still sometimes it hurts right


It does hurt and a lot but these negative people will only trynaa bring down your pude soul I am also someone who has been bullied for some reasons but now as I look back I gave them that authority to bully me I feel .
Stay positive and there are good people also . Focus on yourself and I am here to talk ☺️


U r beautiful in ur own way…No need to bother about d people…people cm nd go just ignore them…focus on d things which makes u happy …nd live d life to fulliest wth ur own choices…


Tq for ur words nd i will surely try to focus on my thing yup .


Heyyy who told black skin tone ppl are ugly ur pretty for ur mom dad ur pretty for me ur…I’m not flirting you just tellin yaa dont concentrate on them yes ik it’s hard to walk from this bt I’m sure you will
I’m also black in skin tone but I’m happy in it🤗


Hey good to know. Yes im good in my own shoes but constant mocking made me feel bad and thats what made me write that


First you change the attitude that makes them(Those some people) feel better and makes you feel sad.

You are letting them enjoy by speaking like that, and they are taking your joy. What is important to you is your work/studies that you came to northern part for ? You may see those “Some People” do not react to them. Set your mind and senses to ignore those “Some People”.

You have a beautiful mind and all you need to do is set it in right direction and improve your thought process.

Give strength to your +ve thoughts by reacting to those but not to the “Some People’s” words.

Take Care. God Bless You.


Tq nd i generally dont give much attention but still constantly being mocked makes me feel that way nd as u said im focused in my thing but its not that easy to just ignore others who bullies u . Anyways thanks