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did anyone else ever use the internet back in 2007?

does anyone else feel like u could have deeper conversations and make better friends online?

i used to use chat rooms when i was a teenager and had alot of problems at home and it helped me.

but now all i see is all these stupid chat rooms were people just want to talk about dumb stuff and how great their life is.

like taking pictures of their food they eat and being a airhead.

i wanted to find someone to talk to like when i was in highschool but everytime i go onto these chat rooms and its filled with these kinds of idiots it drives me mad.

its bad enough i cant find anyone to talk to in real life because they are all so busy going to work school etc pretending they are important and better then other people.

is it because social media has become more mainstream now? that there were less places on the internet to go to so everyone would only go to 1 or 2 main chat rooms or sites and that it?

i dont know but it really upsets me that i cant find a single person.

when i was in highschool i would vent alot on msn talking to my friends online and get emotional support insights brainstorming ideas etc that were so helpful.

one girl on msn took the time to talk to me and talked me out of thinking i was a bad person that my mother had psychologically abused me into believing. where have all these good people gone? are there any left who’d even listen?

ive tried other support sights and talking to psychologists psychatrists irl etc but i think they are not even allowed to give advice to a person because they dont kno the context of wat they are going through?

i’ve already been giving lots of bad advice and i feel like im already fucking everything up now so if someone did give me bad advice i feel like atleast i can just ignore it or something over a computer opposed to irl and talk down to and intimidated etc.

if anyone feels the same or wants something similar like a 1on1 chat plz reply

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

okay so you’ll probably be turned off to talk to me if you find out i was born in 2007- if you don’t mind that i’m always able to talk , as someone who goes to chat rooms a lot people are just looking to date and people are pedofiles. i guess things gradually change and never really go back to normal. i’m sorry if this is also bad advice and it didn’t help at all but i’m here to talk-


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