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Dear friend,
I miss you more than you can Imagen, It was only you and I…now that you left it seems you moved on. I don’t think you realized how much you meant to me…I don’t think you knew I admired you, that I saw you as someone who accepted me. You never judge me…you were the first real friend I had, no one cared to know me better but you did, you even knew when I was happy or sad even though I always had a serious face. You were the first person that wanted to celebrate my birthday together, you really treated me like a sister…you helped me when I wasn’t feeling myself, you always knew how to cheer me up.
After two years I finally found your Instagram account, I don’t have the confidence to talk to you, you probably wouldn’t even remember me, you probably don’t want to talk to me…it has been a year since I found it but I can’t seem to have the courage to talk to you…
I miss you a lot, you moved on and made new friends, but I couldn’t…the others never treated me like you did…It’s painful how I can’t seem to move on…

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

Hey! It breaks my heart to see such pure affection getting crushed. All I can say you will heal and beautiful things will happen to you. 🌼🌻 And of you ever wanna talk or pour your heart out, we’re here.🌈❤️

Please take care of yourself🏵️🏵️


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