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Being an overthinker has always being a problem for me
But now I think it’s becoming a bigger problem I think it makes me over react to things or maybe I am actually in a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP
every few days I have a fight with my partner just for some nudes which I am not comfortable sharing and for him it’s his needs, which makes me think does he really care about me or it’s just something sexual he want.
I shouldn’t be pressurized to share my body with any person just because he’s my boyfriend or husband.
Maybe I am wrong maybe I am right but I know I don’t want this drama every few days. I want to be out of it just don’t know how and it’s about adjusting I cannot adjust beyond this limit.
And this takes away mental peace thinking that why I just don’t listen to him atleast my mind will be at peace
That’s most irritating feeling in world when you don’t wanna do something but still doing coz you want mental peace.

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Prince singh @peincesingh

i don’t know which type of relationship it is.but loving someone for sexual need is not love .you should have some self respect.and stop doing that.its not love for your boyfriend .its just a game for him.


Honestly? I don’t think you’re in a toxic relationship, but it doesn’t seem to be healthy. If you aren’t comfortable with nudes, don’t give him nudes, and vice versa. I think these things should be equal, and lovers should understand each other and trust each other. If you don’t trust him with that though, that’s still OK. You should trust each other to love you anyway and if you’re in love like that, stay there. But if he’s pressuring you, consider leaving or telling him how you really feel about it. I really hope this helps you somehow!! Good luck, I hope you find peace and love soon


Somethings are off limits, even if they have most important person in your life. Like for me sending nudes is off limits even if I am madly in love with the guy. In your case if it is off limits for you, then your partner should understand your choice and respect that. And if he is not doing that, trust me babe he is not the right one for you.


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