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Can someone explain me whats happening to me?..i just feel really hot in my brain, a pain behind my eye and really weird when i try to study…i thought it was anxiety but i just learned that it is differeny…when i study i cant everything goes over and i just keep thinking what is wrong with me…i meed help…i want the old me

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Introvert @lonelyguy19

Your feeling depressed and thinking too much i think. Firstly take 2-3days rest without any study and thinking, listen songs and look at the natural, listen to some historical stories of ancient people , try to do things what you love. Keep you mind relaxed not think about what is happening all those stuff, your prefectly alright, you need to understand yourself, keep working on yourself. Keep interact with people and share your thoughts if no chat with any persons in this site, share your feelings what ever it is , you will feel better. think you r prefectly alright you feel better, our happiness and stress, tensions all in your thinking only if you think positively you feel better if you think negative u feel wrost, its all on our thinking my dear friend try to figure it out why your feeling too much of stress and worring.


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