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Broke up with him not because he cheated on me or we lost interest or he wasn’t able to satisfy me or due to any misunderstanding.
Broke up with because he wasn’t able to give me the attention because soon he is about to shift and start his new life of college. I knew that he won’t break up with me so that he doesn’t feels guilty about it and I knew that I have to do it before he shifts, leaving all his past and me behind so that he can start fresh.
How should I get out of this (phase) without hitting and hurting myself anymore and WANTING HIM BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN TO BE IN HIS ARMS and to let him go and let him live his life while i live mine.

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If you two really love each other then i do not think you need to break up with him just because je is going to start his college life far away from you because you know what long distance relationships are also happening a lot nowadays …also not everyone gets a partner like that who love them no matter what is going to change in their lives no matter what is going to happen ’ new’ in their life …if it is love you really should give it a second thought . precious people who love you will not come to your life often …remember that consider yourself lucky that you met that special one he is not the one who is considering breakup or something …attention is not everything love is all about .

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Land of Blues @landofblues

I don’t know you, but you love him and that’s so prominent. Idk what happened, maybe a lot…and you are helping him. Breaking up with him will really help him?


I know how u feel, but I believe you should try to let it go if y’all belong together since the beginning time will take care of it.

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Instead of breaking up and feeling hurt, you should have told him how you felt.

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Gaurav_ @gaurav_cr7

You should make up your mind first .

In your mind if you think that breakup is the best option for you , then you should do it .

And when you breakup , it will definitely affect you , as you were giving your soul for that person and now he’s not there and in return you never got / will get the same affection that you gave from that person

It will hurt .

It will take sometime to get over this phase . This is the reality and no one can run away from reality.

So now what you’ll do just sit and be saddened for days?

No , just

1. Explore yourself , find out more about yourself , which things you love and which things you don’t love

2. If you’re still in college phase…or studying then you can still make good friends i.e socialise

3. Explore more in carrer.

4. Improve relations with your family members.

5. Develop habit to stay fit . E g Exercises , Diet , Guitar etc,

There are many things in world and give your heart & mind the time to understand that everything is temporary and he is no more.

And most importantly ,

Accept whole situation and forgive yourself and him and god for putting you in this situation .

Always remember
Forgiveness sets you free.

Have a good life,

Your friend


First of all be relax and try to focus on yourself or try to do things in which you have passion for and Hangout with friends and family and even we can connect if you don’t mind


you should not take steps on his behalf. what you did was wrong

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varun singhal @monsieur

Come up in dm i will tell you my way of moving out of the dettachment


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