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Body shaming is something which can’t be taken out of mind.
I am 21 and i am fat…but social comments hurts me lot, i know i should give shit to these…
but i am not able to .I am a strong lady ,i know but sometimes i feel like i am not leaving to society ,which includes my family expectations.


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These body shaming comments are the roots of our growing insecurities. Trust me, I don’t give a fuck about what society has to say about my body but sometimes these thoughts do nag me. Am I looking too skinny/fat. My legs look like a stick (someone said this to me and it often comes to my mind).
What I’m saying is that I totally understand you. But either you directly tell them to shut their mouths (which kinda never happens) or own it. You are fat but being fat doesn’t define you. Be super confident about yourself (even if you have to fake it). Accepting ourselves the way we are is the best thing we do for ourselves. Society is a bunch of judgemental people, we shouldn’t care about it.


I love you. Heads up champ. We’re not born to please everyone. Just do your works.


Here is a thing, you should be fit- in order to live healthily. Period. Not in order to get more likes or impress some guy or family. Because there doesn’t exist an ideal beauty or ideal body. People mock and find faults in others in order to cover up their own crushed dreams and low self-worth. So don’t pay heed to these. If you feel you need to lose weight, do it for your own healthy life’s sake. As long you are confident and happy, life is perfectly alright. Just show anyone a middle finger who mocks you in order to boost his own self-confidence. They are sad people seeking validation with broken dreams. Pity them, don’t be upset with them.


you know curvy is the new sexy and trust me when i say you are gorgeous and beautiful even when i didnt see you because everyone is beautiful inside out and babe opinions of others doesnt matter give them a middle finger and feel confident in your skin because you are beautiful and learn to love your skin and be a better version of yourself , a confident version and show those people who is the queen and trust me how you feel so i understands you and i am here if you want to talk