Top Tips to Help You Future Proof Your Career

Ilma Haider

09 June 2023

6 Mins

You must have heard this a thousand times from friends, family, and sometimes random strangers, “How's your future career planning going?” And as if this was not enough, there are inspirational quotes and self-help books that teach you how to “set goals.” It is everywhere.

So, you finally decide to sort out your future career plans. But the only problem is that you have zero clue how to do it, riddled with career anxiety. Maybe career growth quotes, inspirational videos, and movies can help. But don't worry, we have got you covered!

What Is Career Planning and Goal Setting?

Career planning is a long process; once you do it, you do not forget. Many researchers have also found that the average worker will change careers at one point in their life, not jobs. So, career planning should be done at least once every year.

Once you have chosen a career, you have to plan out your goals to succeed in the workplace constantly. For this, you need a career management system. Employers only want people who can be of the best value and provide profit. And career growth meaning can only be defined to those who are rock-hard on achieving them!

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Why is Future-Proofing Your Career Important?

Goals are destinations we want to reach. So, do not be scared to run around in a circle to reach your full potential. Why are goals needed?

1. Unlocking true potential: If you want to start believing in yourself, you will need to motivate yourself to keep going. This motivation will help you learn your abilities, and unlock hidden potential. With time, you will achieve the impossible.

2. Focus on what matters: Having a clear goal to achieve your dreams makes all the difference. Your goal will teach you not to waste time. Your time-management skills will also improve. Therefore, helping you have access to better opportunity and career growth.

3. Good for the long run: Your career goals will set you on the right track in life. Helping you live a long and meaningful life. Goal setting will help you realize what you want in life. Because when you make a choice, you gain control of it. Knowing you are in control will also make you happier.

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Tips to improve your career

Here are the top tips for career you can take to develop your career plan and gain the best out of your professional career -

Resumé building

One of the most important steps in planning a career, is to be ready when an opportunity comes. No matter what industry you are from, you will have to keep your resume active!

Regular career planning

Taking out time for yourself will always prove beneficial. This is why it is important to take at least a weekend out of the entire year. Spend this time focusing on your life and how you can achieve long term career goals. When the new year comes, build that life.

Reflect on your career path

Reflecting on your career can increase your productivity and performance. Think about what you can do differently and how you should follow that path? Think about everything that can change your future. Because when you understand yourself, you will be able to set goals and change your lifestyle.


Development is an important part of life. So, learn about new jobs, and attend training sessions, and workshops. Don't just sit and binge watch TV on the weekend! Develop your mind for the better things in life.

Reflect on likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes can change over time. So it is better to reflect on what you believe will make your life better. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your job. If you enjoy work activities, then continue. If you don't, find something better. It is always better to have a clear purpose.

Record your achievements

Keep track! Achievements are not only useful for your resume, but it also helps you plan out your future career prospects. Your professional accomplishments will serve you well in the long term for career growth.

Transferable skills

If you have skills that can be applied to several jobs, don’t hesitate. Think beyond your current job and consider using your long learned skills. You can also search for skills you need to learn for your future dream job. These skills are a great add-on to your resume.

Set goals

To be successful in your goals, you need to settle on something first. Think about what your short-term or long-term goals are. Maybe you already know some of them, because you are in fact smart. Another pro tip is to write down your goals in a diary. This will build a sense of accountability.

Review & adjust

When you have a clear goal, you should make tiny adjustments from time to time. Maybe after achieving your past goals, these new adjustments will develop into new goals. So, break down your career list and review it thoroughly!

Explore all opportunities

Never miss a chance to learn and grow more, as an employee or individual. The main part of career planning is to find workshops, training sessions, and opportunities to help grow your career.

Learn from others

The best and easiest way to grow, learn from others. It can be anyone, your boss, cousin, or friend. Attend job-related conferences and explore Build relationships with leaders. The more you will grow your network, the more opportunities you will unlock for gaining success.

Step out of your comfort zone

Sounds scary? It can be but it is one of the best ways to advance your career. You might feel scared to solve new organizational problems, but it's never impossible. Find problems, propose solutions, and implement them. This will increase your visibility in your organization and expand your skill processing.

How Can Now&Me help?

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When it comes to career growth, there are several reasons. Career growth is important to boost the motivation and productivity of people. Such as financial growth, seeking new challenges, job satisfaction, etc. Also, the best way to grow your career is by improving your skills and using applicable knowledge.

There are hundreds of skills and experience development tasks to help reach your goals. Such as, constructing a positive environment, listening to your gut feeling, visualizing your success, truly committing to your goals, communicating effectively, etc.

Career goals are targets. Career goals can be things you are passionate about. There are several ways to achieve career goals. 1. Get clarity on your path, 2. Make sure it is in line with the job offered, 3. Divide goals into short-term and long-term, 4. Explain your plan of action to achieve it, and 5. Make sure you are a cultural fit.

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