Silence Between the Spaces - Poems by Abir Sinha; A Journey into Your Soul

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07 October 2021

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Poems are a form of expression that can change your outlook towards things. Reading and writing poetry engages one’s senses as well as emotions.

They allow you to be open and honest about your feelings and have powerful healing capabilities.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

And the journey within yourself is an arduous one.

This journey helps you in a way that would change the way you look at life.

Abir Sinha, the recipient of The Humanitarian of the year 2015 award, writes about this expedition in his second collection of poems and prose -‘Silence Between the Spaces’’

We've collected eight of his poems to help you introspect and navigate life better.

  1. Try being more soul Than skin And feel the beauty Of crawling out Of the burden of your thoughts One breath at a time

Getting in touch with one's inner self, the one beneath all those layers we put out for society, can heal us from the inside out. We need to look into our soul, and not listen to our materialistic selves to rid us the chains that bind us and the negative thoughts that hold us and bring us down.

  1. How beautiful is it That a man so meagre And a sea so deep Look alike Calm on the surface And different worlds raging inside

There's no limit to a person's imagination. It transcends reason and comprehension. Abir compares the beauty of the range of these emotions with the unexplored depths of the seas.

  1. Tell me it is a work of magic; the way the sword of your tongue was sharpened with silence

Human Beings are creatures of habit. When, over time, we forget to speak our thoughts, they get suppressed, and then some more. It, therefore, becomes imperative to voice those thoughts, as trivial and unassuming as they might seem right now.

  1. The lust for all comforts Will cease Once you know That the breath you take In and out Is nothing but natures way of reminding you That everything you take from here Has to be given back

Realising one's mortality is always an experience of shock, horror, mixed with a twist of strange delight. It immediately detaches oneself from ego, pride and finality. A revelation that our basic sustenance isn't something we own, but in fact, one of the many things we borrow from Mother Earth.

  1. Compassion will always Be the story Of how your fragile bones Could wander loose Without the fear of getting broken

Sometimes, it is okay to trust. It is necessary to trust. To trust in the kindness in your heart, to give. To be bigger than yourself, and to offer a part of yourself and your heart, without worrying that it would be taken away or broken. Compassion is a verb.

  1. I will pour all of the water To the very brim And make it spill Again and again If that’s what it will take For you To understand the falsehood Of permanence

The best strategy of all time: Show, Don't Tell.

  1. One of my favourite things Is to find someone In darkness And to make then bathe in sunlight Until their scars Feel like sunburns

Abir speaks of the unending, undying power of love and kindness. Of how those who are the most hurt and downtrodden, can recover and be restored to life.

  1. Who you are on the outside And who you are On the inside Are sometimes two very different people Who often never really Have the courage to meet

A human emotion to surpass all geographical boundaries. When did we stop speaking our mind? At what age was it that we started believing something else, but communicating something different altogether? A timeless dilemma between the head and the hurt.

Abir’s words not only act as an inspiration to heal your inner wounds and to know yourself, but also offer insights into the depths of the human mind.

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