Top 20 Inspirational Quotes by Wordsofworth that Will Make You Truly Happy Today

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13 January 2024

9 Mins

Tuheena Raj, the protagonist behind the popular Instagram profile @wordsofworth, talks self-love, empowerment, self-esteem, stress, heartbreak, love amongst a lot else that we all relate with daily.

Here's some of her best work to help you get through those gloomy days and bounce back with positivity and inspiration.

On Failing and Falling

The perfect inspiration for times when we’re down and don’t know what to do when feeling low in life.

  • Give yourself days of inactivity. An empty mind is probably the devil's workshop but also the creative genius'.

We've always been told that capability is determined by productivity and the more we're able to do at once, the better we are at what we do. Nonetheless, there are days when nothing works out and everything just seems to fall apart. You get consumed by the stress of doing as much as you possibly can. It's on those kinda days, that you've just got to sit back and relax a little. Take it easy on yourself. It's important to have those laid-back days in order to revive your creativity and get inspiration to go on further, much more efficiently.

  • Fall. Don't wither.

Sometimes it feels like you're failing and have no control over the situation. Things don't exactly work the way you want them to. You may also just feel low or not at your absolute best. You should know that it's okay to fall. What's not okay is to lose hope and the motivation to keep going, after falling. Failure is temporary if we are willing to overcome it and not give up.

  • You do not have to always color inside the lines. Let it spill. Let it stain.

Even though it feels right to color inside the lines, at times, you've just got to loosen up a bit. Honestly, it's better to just let it all out and feel free. Breaking the chains and going out of your comfort zone will make you appreciate life and its imperfections. You don't always have to conceal it. Vent it out and let it go.

On Coping and Its Mechanisms

For days when we’re there, but not quite. For days we break down, trying to get back up.

  • Survival doesn't always look poetic and that is okay.

Our idea of surviving hardships and overcoming failure is a bit far-fetched. In reality, getting yourself back up is not the prettiest. It takes a great deal of patience, dedication and strong will to cope with all that life throws at us. So if you feel like you're not really 'giving it your all' and that 'getting it together' is not as easy as it seems like, always remember, you've got this.

  • All that we are ever doing is searching for stories like our own.

It's tough to have to deal with life's problems on a regular basis, and all we need at the end of the day is just having someone whom we can relate to, someone who understands what we're going through. There's nothing more comforting than knowing there's someone out there who's been in your situation and knows what you feel on the inside. Perhaps that's why it feels so nice to be connected with people who are willing to listen and help us out in times of need.

On Being Kind Despite Adversities

To learn the need to hold our crown high even on days when it seems impossible. To practice kindness, not just with others, but ourselves.

  • I know the world has been rough with you but you can be soft with me.

Whenever you feel like you've had enough and that no one is worth your time, remember that there's someone who might need your help. Someone who is not to be blamed for all the tough times you've been through. It's important to realise that despite how the world has treated you, you need to be understanding and put yourself in the other person's shoes. 'No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind'.

  • Bad decisions happen to all of us. Don't beat yourself up for things you wouldn't have known when you made the decision.

This quote is extremely relevant for me since I'm pretty much always regretting the decisions I make. Every one of us has at least once taken a decision or done something that was not in our best interest and immediately regretted it. But we can't really beat ourselves up for things we wouldn't have known when making that decision. Whatever we did, seemed right at that moment. So let your past decisions be something you learn from or reminisce. It happens to all of us.

On Self-Worth

Realising the impact of our thought process on our wellbeing.

  • And there I was seeing good in everyone but myself.

We don't always realise that we try to see the good in everyone around us and forget that there's something in us too, that's unique and impressive. There's something interesting about you that makes you different from the others. It's time you recognise that something. Be aware of your worth and what you are capable of.

  • Bruise…and watch your body reward you with a layer of thicker skin.

It takes courage to go forward and take a risk. But it's that risk or that challenge which makes you resilient and determined. Go ahead, take the tough road and hurt yourself. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  • Perhaps there are people who owe you apologies but perhaps there are apologies you owe yourself too.

It's not easy to forgive people for their hurtful actions. But do we ever realise that there are apologies we owe to ourselves? Times when we were harsh and ruthlessly critical of our decisions. Why do we never question our thoughts and opinions about ourselves? Why do we always belittle ourselves and never apologise? You can't expect others to be apologetic if you haven't felt sorry for all the times you treated yourself like shit.

  • How can they know you whole when you know yourself in halves?

Oftentimes, we want people to know us better and not have preconceived ideas of the kind of person we are. But if you don't take the time to know your own self, no one else is going to. It's important to understand your individuality. Spend some time to figure out your true self. You'll realise that there's so much more to you that even you didn't know about. Once you recognise your uniqueness or your rarity, the people around you will soon catch up.

On Growth

Growth, in all its ethereal ways, makes the journey unimaginable. Today we are not who we were yesterday.

  • Understand that growth is a crooked concept and subjective to the very core. How a creeper grows is very different from a plant. How a Cactus grows is very different from a flower. I truly hope you know better than let the society tell you the yardstick for it.

The concept of growth varies for all of us. It's a crooked term which stands distinct for each individual. You may have a different journey and a different path to development. There's no yardstick, no convention by which to compare your progress. So don't try to equate your accomplishments to anyone else's. They might have a different understanding of the world, different experiences that shape their personalities. That's what makes them, them, and you, you. You're not the same as your friends, your cousins, people on social media. You are not like every other person you see. Don't let society tell you otherwise.

  • It is probably hard to imagine but mighty mountains begin as little mounds of raised earth. Accumulating dirt, turning them into rock.

Nowadays, we're pretty much always seeing people succeed in chasing their dream. Influencers and celebrities continue to give us #goals and set high expectations for those who are wanting to recognise their passion. We look at their status, their fame, but instead of getting motivated and empowered, we look down upon ourselves. We lose hope and faith in ourselves, feeling like we'll never be able to amount to anything. What we don't realise is that the successful people, even thriving businesses, that we see and read about, all started out as newbies or amateurs in the game. They too would have been intimidated and felt helpless when they undertook the challenging journey to success. But they went on and grew with time and experience. And now, it doesn't matter what they were like back then, all the mistakes they would've made, all the bad decisions they would've taken, but how they are doing right now. Only they know their struggles and difficulties along the way, that led them to where they are today. So never give up and believe that one day, all the hardships you experience, will make you flourish into a maturer person.

  • Gradually I am learning to unlove the heights I have chased all my life and gauge the beauty of depth.

After a certain incident or period in life, it dawns upon you, that the beauty and value of depth, is worth more than the allure of heights. The importance of wisdom and maturity overweighs reaching a high position or having a repute, and this understanding is something that has to be experienced to acknowledge. We fail, we pick ourselves up and discover that what we've learnt along the way is more valuable than where we'll reach.

  • And those who are learning to fly need to understand the ground better than the sky.

No matter what you achieve in life and how successful you are, it's essential to know how you started, how it all began. Always stay humble. 'A tree has roots in the soil, yet reaches to the sky. It tells us that in order to aspire, we need to be grounded and that no matter how high we go, it is from our roots that we draw sustenance'.

On Empowering Oneself

Because only we possess the power to build ourselves.

  • Perhaps it takes an accidental push over the cliff for you to know-you could fly all along -you can save yourself.

Sometimes it's a mere accident or a precarious choice that makes us realise our strength and true potential. Every once in a while, do things that challenge you, things that scare you. All you gotta do is take that risky step forward and see what you are capable of.

  • Perhaps the strongest people are the ones who possess the power to heal themselves and be whole again.

The strongest people are not always the ones who have a cold heart or tough skin. They're usually those who are able to heal themselves from distress and suffering, making sure that they never lose the motivation to move on. They recognise their privileges and are grateful for who they are and what they are getting from life. Strong people understand the importance of having both good and bad people/moments in life. Aim to be a stronger person by practicing kindness, acceptance and self-love.

  • but who are you when no one is watching?

You may project a certain kind of persona on the outside, but who you are on the inside is what really matters. What you do when no one is watching, explains your real character. Don't cloud your mind with negative thoughts and judgements. Practice compassion and humility.

  • The ocean knows not its own depth until ships set sail on it.

Sometimes, we've just gotta take the plunge to discover our strength and aptitude. It takes something powerful and mighty for us to ascertain our capabilities. And that realisation isn't usually so blatant or palpable. It could be the subtlest resolution but one that makes us hopeful for the future and fearless of the past. It may seem like the end, but it is simply the beginning of a whole new chapter.

  • It’s only when you want to have the cake and eat it too that you’ll bake the most perfect one.

It's only when you do things for your own self that you do them right. If you do things that you love, you'll always be eager to learn and it would never get tiresome. All it takes is the willingness to pursue your passion, and then everything else is a breeze. 'You serve the best by doing what you love the most'.

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