5 Reasons Why You Rewatch Your Favourite TV Shows Over and Over Again

Ilma Haider

10 May 2022

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5 Reasons Why You Rewatch Your Favourite TV Shows Over and Over Again

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We all have TV shows that we have watched more than we should. But every single time, we find it funny or comforting. It can be a classic comedy show, a romantic story, or anything, but we always go back to it. The main question about this that arises is why do we like watching the same thing over and over again, even when we know the ending? Can this be a symptom of anxiety? Can anxiety be cured? If you love a TV show and have watched it more than once, then you are not alone. Most of us do it without even thinking of the effects it has on us.

A lot of mental health professionals believe that watching the same TV shows provides us with comfort. When we watch something new, it gets immersed in our brains, therefore, wanting us to watch it more and more every time.

Especially when you have problems with your own life, watching a TV show that brings you comfort and takes your worries away can really make your mood better.

Why Does Rewatching Old Comfort Shows Feel So Good?

We all can accept that there is comfort in watching films that won’t disappoint us in the end. This is most commonly found in people with crippling anxiety problems. People who suffer from anxiety issues can become more stressed when it comes to watching something suspenseful. When we already know the outcome, we become prepared. We know how we will completely feel.

Re-watching shows can easily help control our emotions, making us feel safe in stressful times. Anxiety is not only common in women or men. But it can also be found in children also. This is why it is common for people of all ages to be suffering from anxiety issues, stress, and depression. But the main question is, is there a link for this anxiety? Let's find out.

The Link Between Comfort and Anxiety

Anxiety can be easily defined as a stressing mechanism that can continue to cause problems even after the stressor is gone. Does comfort help us with anxiety issues? The act of comfort can easily help us cope with situations where we feel anxious. Some of the best ways to find comfort is through self-soothing practices. This will help in boosting your emotional and mental health.

5 Reasons Why Rewatching Your Favourite TV Shows Is Comforting

To many of us, re-watching TV shows can feel like a piece of cake. Here are some of the reasons why: why we rewatch old tv shows

1. It Makes Us Nostalgic

We all love it when we feel nostalgic—remembering old times and the fond memories that come with it. Nostalgia is mostly related to a specific memory or relationship we have had. Reminding us of the time when our lives were much better and happier than they are now. Nostalgia can also help us create a more positive outcome in our lives. Increasing our self-esteem, social connections, and more. Feeling anxious for no reason is very common. This is when watching something comforting can help calm our nervous system down.

2. Less Challenging

When someone tells us the spoiler of a new movie or TV show, we get angry. But when re-watch a favorite show for the 20th time, all we get are spoilers. And somehow, we are fine with it. This is because many of us that suffer from neurotic anxiety, can find familiar TV shows to be more relaxing than yoga. For real! Challenging stuff requires us to get tired easily, and give up. But when we do something familiar, it helps our brain function better. And just like they say, “There is something special in watching something that you have watched before, it demands fewer emotions and work from you.”

**3. Finding Comfort In The Characters

We fall in love with at least one good or bad character in our lives. But have you ever wondered why? It's simple. Some TV show characters remind us of ourselves, some help us deal with our constant crippling anxiety, and others just feel vulnerable to us. Many times anxiety can also cause us to create imaginary scenarios in our minds. For example, we think of ourselves as our most loved characters from the show. It sounds embarrassing and worrisome but it is fact. So when someone asks you, how does anxiety feel like in your mind? You hesitate to talk about it.

4. Good For The Soul

When it comes to the mind, anything is possible. Even in the case of severe stress or anxiety. Therefore, evidence shows that anxiety symptoms in men can be controlled with the help of our favorite TV shows. This is because familiar TV shows can help in restoring our feelings and also because when we feel drained, TV shows can take the load off of our brains.

5. Self-Security

A TV show you love can offer more than just relaxing time. These shows give us a sense of security. Making us remember how much we have grown and how there's always a big road ahead. Especially people who have suffered from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety attacks, and stress, definitely feel their trauma and even relive them, but these shows give them comfort. Therefore, giving us a sense of security.

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1. Why Does Watching New Shows Make Me Anxious?

The main reason behind this could be with what you’re watching rather than watching TV itself. Something in the program is triggering your anxiety: violence, suspense, or even the news, which are quite dire at the moment. A lot of the times when we watch new shows, it can trigger our nervous system and make us feel scared of what might happen next. Or it could be because your mind considers itself to be invalid or weak or frightened, and it wants to protect you and keep you from being hurt, so it puts up a wall.

2. What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety?

There are many reasons behind anxiety. Such as, Overthinking, overwhelming feelings of dread, problem with sleep, change in appetite, change in atmosphere, trying out new activities, easily annoyed, etc. An anxiety attack, people may feel fearful, apprehensive, may feel their heart racing or feel short of breath, but it's very short lived, and when the stressor goes away, so does the anxiety attack.

3. Is Rewatching Shows a Sign of ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that affects a person's ability to sit still, control behaviour and how someone pays attention. There is a small possibility that people who have ADHD can be reluctant to watch the same thing over and over again. Mainly because it is the only thing that slows their brain activity and helps them pay little attention to one thing.

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