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Being single around with committed friends, it’s hurt when they priority’s change. When they used to check on you but suddenly they stop asking your well being. They don’t really care about but when u trying to keep the distance they will react like I changed. When last time they not let you go alone but now they okay if you roaming alone.
I really scared about the attachment. When they used to plan a lot things with you but suddenly they give 100% priority to their partner. But when they have problem they will looking for you. When they stress they not hesitate to call you. I’m felt used. I just want go far away from these people. When we trying to express our feelings but they blame us for misunderstanding them. For not understanding them. And they I’m always there for you but they not.

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Aditya @aditya2024

People are always self fish. So priortise yourself and move forward


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