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Been cheated 💔
are there any loyal and loving girls left in this world 🥺🥺

5 replies

Loads but guys seem to notice and want the better looking ones.
The hot one, fair one, tall one, slim one, one they can show off and feel proud of in front of his friends etc.
Noone really wants to spend time and build a relationship. They want sex before they even know the person.
So the whole thing becomes superficial.

Sayali @sayaliii3

There are many use just need to find one .


There r many but men always run after the dolls,and dolls want more attention more men more more more…loyal girls need attention from only one but they are not valued right coz they dnt flaunt they dnt expose,or they dnt maintain the cake face zero figure n al.

Sansthita @sansthita

Yeah, but the problem is that either they are too scared to date or they are in a relationship with some toxic fellow

Sansthita @sansthita

Take care mate. Sending you love and strength


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