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Back when school wasn’t online I hated it. Every night I would cry in bed thinking about how does everyone around me have so many friends, ever since I was in kindergarten I haven’t made good friends, they were always toxic, and mean, I just wanted to have one good friend who I can talk about anything to. That’s why I love quarantine, I’m scared to go back, everybody around me is saying, “I want to see my friends!” And, I’m just sitting here like “what friends…” And even when people say, “Just focus on school and you’ll be fine!” It’s hard to do that when everyone around you is laughing and talking with there friend’s and you’re about to cry because you can’t make friends! So I wonder, if my grades are terrible, I have no friends, and literally no talents… What’s gonna happen to me in the future?

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Heyy, do not worry about your future for now, let’s focus on the present and make it better. Once your present is better the future issues will be resolved on its own. It can be very difficult for some of us to make friends because of our nature but you have to come out of that cocoon. Take a small step forward and try making one friend first, any one. Not necessary from school. What we need to understand is that everyone is different and your opinion about school is completely accurate and it’s completely your choice but you need at least one person in your life to open up and share your feelings with. We are always here to give you company but try making some random conversations with people around you. I’m sure it’ll help. Bad grades and talent Don’t define you as a person. You aren’t talentless but you’re yet to discover your talent. As for grades, try putting in a little more efforts and look at the miracles which happen. More strength and hope to you.


Thank you so much, this really helped me ❤️


You might not see friends now, but whatever you do, don’t make friends who you think are suspicious or might not do you good in the long run. You might feel desperate, but these fake ‘friends’ will talk behind your back. Trust me, I know. Don’t worry about talents or grades, but it does help to study. Instead, look for those true friends, not those who you look to when desperate. You can look online too if you truly and really believe you can’t find anyone who is physically around you that you trust. Remember, talent, grades, popularity, they don’t define you, and trust me, karma will strike, whether you see it or not. The future is up to you, and remember, there are people in the world that care. ♥


Thank you 🤍


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