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Aakifah @kifah

Are all father’s like that
Are all men like that
Do all fathers ignore their families
Don’t fathers care
Aren’t fathers supposed to protect you
Aren’t they supposed to care how you feel
Aren’t they supposed to want to see you happy
Will my whole life be like this
I hate men
I hate him
They just walk over you
They ignore you
They treat you like trash
They only talk to you want they want something
They only do something expecting something bigger in return
I gathered all the courage I freaking had to speak up and ask for what I wanted but then boom again brushed off and ignored
I don’t want to be hurt or sad
I want to be productive and alive
I am tired of living in fear and being scared all the time
I am so tired
So tired
So tired 😭💔

4 replies

Depends from person to person… some are super strong, some are just douchebags. 😌 More power to ya. ✨


Uff try to talk to him if he doesn’t get that stop caring about that

Aakifah @kifah



Try to work hard for your future , be busy , u will get distracted


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