Prem @prem

Any hospitals in India that provide death on wish?
Or a poison/poisonuos fruit strong enough to give instant death?
Please help me. I don’t need any motivational quotes to live life.
I had enough of it.
I am having a good life,good paying job,nice parents and siblings.
But this doesn’t mean I should live my full life.
I am bored and tired living it.No excitement is left.When I get excited or happy about something,I get something disappointing happen to me.
So its enough.Just by lack of my presence on Earth it won’t make any difference.

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Prem @prem

Glad to see somebody noticing my contribution on this site.
Yes,helping others when I can is something that helps me to keep living.
But daily going to a workplace where I feel worthless not because I cant do my tasks but because I can’t initiate or hold a conversation with the team,share my feelings due to fear of being judged,getting responses that imply that I am a whiner really makes me hate myself.


See Prem, I’m going to save you the motivational quotes crap that you already know. But what I will say though is that I have seen you help so many peole on this site alone, and idk about any other place, but your presence is making someone else’s life better. And that’s all I want you to know… I know it can get boring, disappointing, sad, frustrating. It is all true. But allow it some time, some healing. You know you matter, your life matters, you are making a difference. That is all I want you to know today and right now. That is all I want you to focus on today. And That isall I want, for you to focus on the today, and to live today and come another day and we will tackle it together but for now you bring peace, you bring help, you make it a better day for someone else. I hope you remember that always.

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