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Anxiety manipulates you. It’s not just you, of course, but anxiety would like you to believe that it’s only you. Anxiety is insidious, creeping and crawling through your brain, your mind, and your body. Anxiety causes its own symptoms but blames them on you. When you live with anxiety, you are dealing with this thing that takes on a life of its own and controls how you view yourself, others, and the world in general. There are things anxiety does to manipulate you and cause symptoms.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Let’s sort this out together. Talk about it? I am here to listen to you. I know you can’t control it, I understand. Please share what you are going through!


Overthinking, stress, fear, and anxiety blocked me from getting happy and live a normal life. I can’t be happy even when I deliberately out effort… It’s sucks a lot!!!
I want to change my life!!!

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Niko @nikorohtash_2

That’s literally the us!!! Moment 🙂

Mr.Felix @lan

true 💯 this is draining me


Anxiety is like slow poison
It start killing you …
It often stays for all day long
A fear that never ends

K @dbvlola

Totally agree with you. I’ve been going through extremely bad anxiety and overthinking and it’s just exhausting. It’s made me so clammed up, I can barely talk to anyone about anything real.

Muhammed Ibinu @ibn

it’s more of a bane these days as societies and the expectations they pound on us, haven’t kept a sidetrack note on how debilitating our emotional standards have become, pushing us into the bleak fraying edges of life and the more you dwell into that, the more it eats you alive.




Anyone please help me on this


I am talking to a guy from last 6-7 months. I like him and want my future with him but he is just like on -off.
Going through trauma.
Sometimes he is caring and most of the time…like don’t give a damn to anything.
I tried to discuss with him about everything but he is not.
Sometimes he doesn’t reply to msgs calls even after seeing.


I really need someone sometimes besides me.

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Ur_christine @christine

Yeah I agree

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having anxiety for quite a long time now is too tiring.

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Niko @nikorohtash_2

Ab toh adat si pad jati hai saar 🤡 pTa nahi kiyo kuch bhi enjoy nahi hota

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Neha @healwith_neha

Meditate…Meditate… Meditate !!! here’s the most effective solution for anxiety it’s slow but work…don’t keep over expectations from yourself…it’s oneife u ahve got its not for losing it mike that…it is not just meant for achieving goals…

everybody’s has different journey of life…it’s okay if u are not ambitious toward any goal…it’s okay if u are not excelling in everything…who supposed from you to be perfect…society ??it doesn’t matter nobody is thinking about you 24/7 what’s gone is gone…keep yourself busy in some tasks that involve public dealing…share your thoughts either with your family or write it down here


I am dealing with a difficult breakup and im having a lot of anxiety.

Sairah Qad @free_fish

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