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am i a bad person to not be free with everyone , like do i get myself a bad image for being like that… i stay silent when their is a group of freinds cause i dont wana intract with thm …and i makes ma nervous more around girls

i kinda shy guy to speak to girls, the other dsy a girl asked why are u brign silence, wont u talk…i felt awkward and head lost…man i hate being shy

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nothing wrong with it


It’s alright…there was i time i was also really shy not particularly to a specific gender but yea in general to all…yk this led to me analysing myself that where i felt short to others in confidence and it was all because I was scared of being judged the root cause getting judged, getting framed in a particular image yea but honestly speaking now i M so much better I hv really stopped caring about people so much so yup slowly you’ll get better too just remember no one’s better version of u than urself…


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