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alone. crying and feel hopeless. But certain about this that only your parents truely love you, no-one can even come close to loving you the way you do.

Post anonymously?

Dear Anonymous,
I know this won’t help your seemingly fragile state, but even parents don’t love you sometimes. People are jerks, I don’t want their love.

Best of luck (sorry, this was rushed).


Parents always love you. Their actions may not seem like one but inside they do.
They even don’t understand your view points sometimes and it may get frustated but they never stop loving you.

I suggest you too have some positivity around you and see life through different perspective. 😃


Yeah, I think you’re right.


It’s hard to find someone who can really understand your feelings


I’ve felt that way too and Im sorry you have to go through it. And yes no one loves you the way you do and thats why loving yourseld can be the most important thing in healing. Just know there is always another way and time will be on your side. I truly hope you feel better.


It’s okay. It happens with everybody and you are not alone.

Think about yourself only than anyone else loving you. No matter how much someone else loves you, what’s more important is you don’t stop loving yourself for who you are. And always try to be a better individual of yourself. 💛


Hey, Love yourself first. Today only I read that people loving you is a bonus but you loving yourself is a game changer.
I know it is hard when it comes to relationships because there are so many people out there who say they love you but their actions don’t show it! But do not loose hope on love okay? Have faith. True Love will come to you.