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. @shiny_oxygen_3

Agr phle jaisa hota sab kuch to tumne btaya hota muje tum aa rahi ho, aur tumhe aaise dekh ke maine tumko bola hota kii jb tum aas pass hoti to muje feel hota hai. But ye sab kuch nhii hua tumne shayad dekha hii nhii muje ya jaan ke ignore kiya. Aur mai rooya kuch time ke liye dekh ke. But ye sab waste of time and emotions hai q kii kisi ko nhii frk pdta kya hua kya nhii. Mai bas faltu soch raha hu subah se. Kya bolu aur bas muje nhii feel krna ab kuch bhii aaiaa.

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. @shiny_oxygen_3


Bahi 2 saal hone ko aa gae mere usme koe contact nhii hai mai apne man kii baat likh raha hu tum gyan de rahe ho


I wish u achieve every thing u want …may that person come back and connect with h again…take care πŸ₯€


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