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48.Shivratna @sayasha

Actually it’s been a week since me and my bf had fight. It was a misunderstanding. It was not his fault neither it was mine. He said I broke his trust by not telling him where I went and with whom. But actually I myself didn’t knew with whom I was going with my friend planned it all. And he was added to my friends close friends on insta I don’t have insta account my friend added him to her close friends and I didn’t know that. After knowing we had a fight on the very same day when I went out she hide him from story as she knows he is possessive and to less our fight. I don’t know how he found out that he was hide from story so he asked me did I tell my friend to hide him from story but didn’t know that my frnd had posted a story on insta . I didn’t know anything then he didn’t talked to me that much on that day. Next day in afternoon he said to take a screenshot of the story and send him. I did and he was angry because there was more people than I told him and they were boys. He cut the call and said ur fooling me. But now he is talking with me but not like before. He said he have trust issues, his trust is broken. He said to give him time to come back to normal. It’s been a week but still he is not talking with me like before. I told him I will do everything to gain back his trust but he is not believing it. I Know I should keep some patience but still I’m worried it’s stressing me out. I don’t know if our relation will ever be like before. I don’t want to think this much but it’s happening. I don’t know what to do.😭

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anuj @anujvohra

Keep communication lines open with your bf. Once his emotions are settled, he will come back.

48.Shivratna @sayasha

Yeah I will try thank you so much 😊


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