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luckybutunlucky... @luckybutunluckygirl

Aaj dinner pe mom said ki tithal beach pe jo time spend kiya hai mene voh mere life ke ‘golden days’ the… Specifically voh 5 din jab sirf voh aur meri badi behen the saath me… I can never be more important than meri badi behen… COVID-19 ke wajhase mujhe lagne laga tha that family is important… But ab nahi lagta… Mujhe koi apni first priority nahi banata… Na friends n family… Y am I so unlucky on this matter… Meri badi behen jalti hai mujhe se because mera luck accha… Hamesha nazar lagati rehti hai… Mujhe ab bolne ka mann karta hai yaar ki nazar mat laga yaar… Stay away… Jab meri family me hi sab double faced hai toh me bahar ke logo par kese trust kar sakti hu… Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai mom ne mujhe kya bola tha… About meri badi behen… She said “Be aware of your sister voh kuch bhi kar sakti hai uss par zyada trust mat karna tere liye jo property chhodke jaayege voh bhi leja sakti hai " fir jab behen ke saath mann ki baate share karne lagi toh ussne khud hi boldiya…” DON’T TRUST ME" n prove bhi kardiya… Mujhe ab khud par trust nahi rha hai… I need someone badly jiske saath me yeh sab share kar saku…

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bhavya @bhavya2urhelp

I am so sorry to hear that. I know how bad it must be, how bad you must have felt every day. Being overlooked. Yes, we need all those things, dependence, love, affection. If you don’t receive it freely from your family, it doesn’t mean that those things will never come into your life. How can you say that if 4 people are like that let’s say then 5th will be the same. Yes, feeling, experience, and memories will force you to believe that, but that’s not true. Because if that’s true everyone would have been the same, right? But no people are not the same, they are different, to be honest, 1 person also changes so many times in a lifetime.
Believe these feelings, and in fact, the position and situation you are in will never be forever.
There is only 1 best friend you need! Yourself, how close, how happy you are with yourself because of your actions and your perception, because how you see things, how happy you want to be, i.e your responsibility to stay happy whatever is happening outside!


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