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Hi guys, there’s a little something I’ve written during quarantine so I thought I’d share it with the world.

An odd hour at night, anxiety kicks in and makes it impossible for you to sleep.

It’s normal to go through that! It isn’t easy staying locked up in the house for 21 days and when you know that it’s going to last longer than that

You get uncanny thoughts at night.

‘Till when will this last ?’

‘When will life get back to normal ?’

‘ Will my family and friends be affected too? ’

‘Am I safe?’

‘ Are we all gonna die? ‘

‘ What if the world ends? We had plans man.

Well, there’s no running away from these thoughts but there’s a solution to overcome them

How about surrounding yourself with positive thoughts. Rather than thinking about it with so much negativity, How about looking at the positive side of this virus?

No one ever imagined that life would be this simple with no rush or pressure from the outside world. God has given us time to spend with our families. I have some memories of playing board games when I was younger but nowadays, millennials are glued to their phones.

However, Due to the lockdown, everyone is back to their old routes, reliving their childhood memories. Ludo, monopoly or scrabble, guys do you even remember the last time you played these games before this?

We all keep cribbing about how we want the lockdown to be lifted and that we’re bored to death. But have we ever thought that we’re very lucky to be sitting safely in the comfort of our homes?

What about the health workers or the police inspectors who’re exposed to this deadly virus daily? By taking out 5 mins from our busy schedule and clapping for them doesn’t mean that we’ve obtained greatness!

One way all of us can show some respect to them is by not cribbing and just being grateful for the luxury we are living in.

Let’s overcome all negative thoughts by growing as a person.

From as simple as getting in touch with an old friend or checking up on close ones.

Or maybe learning a new skill or language.

Or Reading that book which you never got the time to read.

Or trying to cook your fav dish.

Or indulging yourself in a fitness routine.

And when nothing works out for you, you do have to binge on to our fav shows on Netflix.

It’s a phase, everyone has a different coping mechanism. My coping mechanism includes baking, working out, oversleeping and writing my thoughts down.

Well, We do have the freedom to live our life our way and also enjoy the beauty of clear skies and no pollution.

However, It’s a difficult time for the world, so let’s fight this deadly disease in solidarity and by being calm, patient and of course by staying home.

Find the hobby that best suits you and kiss the negativity goodbye, from a distance of course ;)

Stay safe, stay home


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4 replies

Hello Shivani…Thank you so much for posting this…I think I really needed to read this today…I have been feeling very negative since the past few days and anxiety was kicking in as well but reading your post actually made me feel a lot better. I have not been able to understand my thoughts very clearly but you have put it in such great words. You are absolutely right about finding a hobby and kissing the negativity bye. I have too started spending more time with my family as well, and have started learning new skills as well. I think everyone needs to read this post :)

You also take care and stay safe!!!


My lifestyle hasn’t changed since I already live in my room on a daily basis (I’m actually enjoying the quarantine) but thank you for your positivity. Stay safe too!

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

This positivity is much needed in today’s situation.
Absolutely love how you have expressed everything Shivani❤️


I absolutely agree with your post…and actually we need a bit positivity in watever going around us…!

But the point is we still do not have to face much trouble or struggle…
Something that constantly bothers me is that whether a disaster strikes the whole world or the country or a society…if anyone falls in the midst of all this, it is the poor whose grief and struggle we have no idea.
So it would have been nice if some positivity could have gone to the poor who are the real victims of this disaster…😑

Hope to this pandemic over asap without more losses of life !
Stay home stay safe #covid19


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