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A senior associate made a pass at me, not once not twice but on multiple occasions…speaking up could mean losing my job, and also the fact that i’d be made a laughing stock and who’s going to believe me ?

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Saisha @saisha

Hey! Actually if you work in the organised sector, you could not lose your job over speaking up. In fact, there are legal mechanisms in place that protect you from any further harassment. You should approach your immediate superior in the company, or look up your office’s website or HR to find the exact way to go about it. You’re not going to become a laughing stock, since you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Your senior needs to apologise, mend their ways, and take responsibility. This is not your burden, nor is it your fault. The Me Too movement has paved the way for women to be believed in more and more workplaces, and hopefully it will be the same for you!
Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put your feelings and safety first! More power to you x


Thnkyou…saisha… helped a lot… will do


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